Generate the time-series

After having created a project folder (previuos section), you are ready to run the model. This happens in four steps.

The information in this chapter can also be found in the Instruction.txt file that is created with the creation of a new project folder.

Base Case

If not already done, change to project folder:

$ cd my_evs


It is recommended to perform the following steps only if a conda environment has been installed and activated. Instructions can be found in the Installation page.

Method 1: Jupyer Notebook

$ jupyter notebook

Once the browser opens up, select and open Time-series_generation.ipynb.

Method 2: Python interprreter

Run the script in the following order:

$ python
$ python
$ python
$ python

After finishing all the runs, open Visualize_and_Export.ipynb for visualization of results.


jupyter notebook must be installed, it can be installed conda install jupyter.