BEV models

This example shows the different cars that are included in the database. A Sankey diagram can be used to clearly identify the energy usage for each car.

To initialize the example1 and create a project folder, the template eg1 must be selected:

$ emobpy create -n <give a name> -t eg1


Before running this example, install and activate an emobpy dedicated environment (conda recommended).

The initialisation creates a folder and file structure as follows.

├── my_evs
│   └── config_files
│       ├── DepartureDestinationTrip_Worker.csv
│       ├── DistanceDurationTrip.csv
│       ├── rules.yml
│       ├── TripsPerDay.csv
│   ├── eg1.ipynb

Everything, running and visualization, happens in a single jupyter notebook file. In the default settings a single mobility profile is created and three consumption profiles for different car types. For each car a Sankey diagram is created to show the different energy usage of the cars.

The Jupyter notebook might look like this: Open file in a new tab