Submodules module*args)[source]

Prints actual progress in format: “Downloading: 80% [8 / 10] kilobyte” :Parameters: * current (int) – Current download.

  • total (int) – Total number of downloads.[source]

Copies files to user data directory.


location (str, optional) – Location to which files should be copied. Defaults to None., template, location=None)[source], method='url', template_name=None, location=None)[source]

Download templates data from zenodo or an url.


location (str, optional) – Path to user path. Defaults to None.


list of downloaded files.

Return type:

list[source], folder='temp')[source] module, file_path)[source] module, name)[source][source][source], factor=1, addstr='')[source][source], dimtojoin=None, factor=1, addstr='')[source], dimtojoin='tech', factor=1, addstr='')[source], dimtojoin='tech', factor=1, addstr='')[source][source], rg0, rg1, scen, country, shadow, ordered_list, ordered_tech_color)[source] module

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