dieterpy.config package


dieterpy.config.global_config module

This module contains the default names of variables. It mainly contains folders’ names that other modules will use to link the data.

dieterpy.config.setting module

LoadSettings class contains the default values of global variables and include methods to change them. The main objective of this class is to be able to obtain such variables from any module.

class dieterpy.config.setting.LoadSettings[source]

Bases: object

Class contains settings variables such as project path.


It shows a list of the variable names and their values.


It updates all dependent variables.

When a variable is modified such as the name of the project, then the path to all project folders must be updated.

class dieterpy.config.setting.Settings[source]

Bases: object

This class extract the variables from and generates the paths that will be used by other dieterpy’s modules


Method that generates the paths that will be used for other dieterpy’s modules

Module contents

This module consists of creating an object that can be called from any other module. The “setting” instance will provide preset variables. The current implementation has names of folders and results that can be obtained in the file. An advanced user can edit the default values of variables by accessing the settings instance.