reporting_symbols.csv: This files contains a list of symbols (variable, parameter, equation) that are collected after the end of the optimization. All symbols specified here are collected from different scenario runs and saved a single file. Hence, for every symbol a separate file is created that contains all values of that symbol of all runs. In order to use that reporting feature, you have to set report_data to yes in project_variables.csv.

The file reporting_symbols.csv has per default the following column headers:

Column headers reporting_symbols.csv








If reporting is activated, DIETERpy will consider the symbols noted in the column basic and will generate report files for every symbol in that column. In case a special module is activated in the features_node_selection.csv file, the respective column in reporting_symbols.csv will also be considered and the symbols of that column will also be reported in addition.

The folder of reporting_symbols.csv also contains the file reporting_symbols_original.csv which holds all available symbols that can be included in the reporting.