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# DIETERpy is electricity market model developed by the research group
# Transformation of the Energy Economy at DIW Berlin (German Institute of Economic Research)
# copyright 2021, Carlos Gaete-Morales, Martin Kittel, Alexander Roth,
# Wolf-Peter Schill, Alexander Zerrahn

import os
import glob
import json
import wget
import sys
import time
import shutil
from zipfile import ZipFile

from ..config import settings

[docs]def create_project(project_name, template, location=None): copy_to_user_data_dir(location=location) settings.PROJECT_NAME = project_name user_dir = location or settings.USER_PATH or settings.DEFAULT_DATA_DIR template_info_file = os.path.join(settings.MODULE_TEMPLATES_PATH,settings.TEMPLATES_INFO_FILE) with open(template_info_file) as info_file: info_dict = json.load(info_file) template_check = list(info_dict.keys()) if template in template_check: pass else: raise Exception(f'--template argument "{template}" not in {template_check}') LOCAL_TPL = os.path.join(user_dir,template) PROJECT_DESTINATION = os.path.join(settings.CWD, settings.PROJECT_NAME) os.makedirs(PROJECT_DESTINATION, exist_ok=False) if info_dict[template]['download']: if info_dict[template]['access_method'] in ['zenodo','url']: if not os.path.exists(LOCAL_TPL): zipfilelocation = download_templates(DOI_OR_URL=info_dict[template]['location'], method=info_dict[template]['access_method'], template_name=template, location=location) unzip(zipfilelocation, user_dir) if not os.path.exists(LOCAL_TPL): print(f"Warning: Destination of unzipped file {zipfilelocation} does not coincide with template name folder {LOCAL_TPL}. You can change template folder name manually.") elif info_dict[template]['access_method'] in ['local']: if os.path.exists(LOCAL_TPL): shutil.rmtree(LOCAL_TPL) time.sleep(1) HOST_TPL_FILES = glob.glob(os.path.join(info_dict[template]['location'], "**/*.*"), recursive=True) for file in HOST_TPL_FILES: rest = file.rsplit(info_dict[template]['location'])[-1][1:] destpath = os.path.join(LOCAL_TPL, rest) os.makedirs(os.path.split(destpath)[0], exist_ok=True) shutil.copyfile(file, destpath) else: raise Exception(f"access_method should be {', '.join(['zenodo','url','local'])}, while key 'download' is set as True. See this file '{template_info_file}'") else: pass SELECTED_TPL_FILES = glob.glob(os.path.join(LOCAL_TPL, "**/*.*"), recursive=True) for file in SELECTED_TPL_FILES: rest = file.rsplit(LOCAL_TPL)[-1][1:] destpath = os.path.join(PROJECT_DESTINATION, rest) os.makedirs(os.path.split(destpath)[0], exist_ok=True) shutil.copyfile(file, destpath) info = info_dict[template]['info'] url = info_dict[template]['location'] version = info_dict[template]['version'] if url is None: url = '' print(f'''Project folder created! \n Template name: {template} \n Description: {info} \n version: {version} \n From: {url}''') return None
[docs]def template_list(location=None): user_dir = location or settings.USER_PATH or settings.DEFAULT_DATA_DIR copy_to_user_data_dir(location=location) with open(os.path.join(user_dir, settings.TEMPLATES_INFO_FILE)) as info_file: info_dict = json.load(info_file) for k, v in info_dict.items(): print(f'''{k}: {v['info']}''')
[docs]def download_templates(DOI_OR_URL=None, method='url', template_name=None, location=None): """ Download templates data from zenodo or an url. Args: location (str, optional): Path to user path. Defaults to None. Returns: list: list of downloaded files. """ methods = ['zenodo', 'url'] if method in methods: pass else: raise Exception(f'''Method selected should be one of the following "{'", "'.join(methods)}" ''') user_dir = location or settings.USER_PATH or settings.DEFAULT_DATA_DIR os.makedirs(user_dir, exist_ok=True) if method == 'zenodo': try: import zenodo_get os.chdir(user_dir) zenodo_get.zenodo_get([DOI_OR_URL, "-wurls.txt"]) os.chdir(settings.CWD) time.sleep(1) fh = open(os.path.join(user_dir, "urls.txt")) text_list = [] for line in fh: text_list.append(line.rstrip('\n')) fh.close() actual_url = None if template_name is None: actual_url = text_list[0] else: for url in text_list: if template_name in url: actual_url = url break if actual_url is None: raise Exception(f"Template name '{template_name}' is not part of any of urls in file {os.path.join(user_dir, 'urls.txt')}") except ImportError as error: # Output expected ImportErrors. print(error.__class__.__name__ + ": " + error.message) except Exception as exception: # Output unexpected Exceptions. print(exception, False) print(exception.__class__.__name__ + ": " + exception.message) elif method == 'url': actual_url = DOI_OR_URL filename = os.path.join(user_dir, os.path.split(actual_url)[-1]) # print(f'filename: {filename}') if os.path.exists(filename): dest = filename else: print('') print(f"Internet connection is required as the selected project template will be first downloaded here: \n '{user_dir}'") time.sleep(3) print(f"Downloading file... {actual_url.strip()}") os.chdir(user_dir) dest_file =, out=None, bar=bar_progress) os.chdir(settings.CWD) dest = os.path.join(user_dir, dest_file) print("") print("Zip file downloaded!") return dest
[docs]def unzip(path, folder='temp'): with ZipFile(path, 'r') as zipObj: zipObj.extractall(folder)
[docs]def bar_progress(*args): """ Prints actual progress in format: "Downloading: 80% [8 / 10] kilobyte" Args: current (int): Current download. total (int): Total number of downloads. """ current = args[0] total = args[1] progress_message = "Downloading: %d%% [%d / %d] kilobyte" % ( current / total * 100, current / 1024, total / 1024, ) sys.stdout.write("\r" + progress_message) sys.stdout.flush()
[docs]def copy_to_user_data_dir(location=None): """ Copies files to user data directory. Args: location (str, optional): Location to which files should be copied. Defaults to None. """ flag = False user_dir = location or settings.USER_PATH or settings.DEFAULT_DATA_DIR os.makedirs(user_dir, exist_ok=True) PKG_DATA_FILES = glob.glob(os.path.join(settings.MODULE_TEMPLATES_PATH, "**/*.*"), recursive=True) for file in PKG_DATA_FILES: rest = file.rsplit(settings.MODULE_TEMPLATES_PATH)[-1][1:] destpath = os.path.join(user_dir, rest) if not os.path.exists(destpath): if not flag: print("Moving template files to the local directory") flag = True print(' ', destpath) os.makedirs(os.path.split(destpath)[0], exist_ok=True) shutil.copyfile(file, destpath) if flag: print("Template files moved successfully!")